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Most people want to live independently as long as possible. However, you want to have control on increasing risks of falls, stroke and diabetic coma. The adherence of current solutions is very low: Only 8% of elderly are using wristbands as they are intended. The main reason is the missing compliance for elderly: Fear of maloperation, Forgotten and Uncomfortable.


The technology developed by VISSEIRO allows contactless measurement of vital sings such as heart rate, heart rate variability and respiration. The technology is used in a seat cushion for long-term health monitoring of seniors. The integrated sensors deliver real-time health data to relatives, caregivers and physicians. Thus, VISSEIRO allows elderly people to stay longer in their own home and to receive a tailored to their needs health care.

Young People Creating Innovations to Care for the Elderly

Pirmin Kelbel

CEO, Co-Founder

Janek Jurasch

CTO, Co-Founder

Freedanz Ferdinanz

Business Development

Ronan Verheggen

Health Data Engineer

Katrin Rowe


Dr. Arya Dhar

Development AI-System

Johannes Braitinger

Software and Testing


Chief Fish Officer

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