A Simple Pillow to effortlessly track Elderly's health

Sit Down. Don't Strap In.

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Always know, how your Loved Ones are feeling.

Staying at home and in familiar surroundings in old age is a widespread wish of numerous people. As times passes, leaving the familiar environment becomes more and more difficult, giving relatives, friends and acquaintances then have the unsolvable task of ensuring the safety of relatives. With the Smart Senior Seat Cushion from VISSEIRO there is now the possibility that relatives receive a daily update on their state of health and can thus react to changes in advance. For this, the senior does not have to use complicated medical devices, just a simple seat cushion.

Why Choose Visseiro

The Visseiro system consists of a universal seat cushion that measures various vital parameters (heart rate, breathing amplitude, movements, …) and stores data in a web application, which can be called up at any time. In addition to data acquisition, the evaluation of data is the main of our development. Thus, additionally to having reliable vital data, the evaluation of vital parameters occurs completely automatically and individually by artificial intelligence.

Visseiro Partners and Certificates

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