The Smart Seat Cushion

The intelligent helper in everyday life

Simply Measure Health

Preventive, Independent & At Home

1. Just sit down as usual

Simply use the Smart Seat Cushion just like a normal seat cushion. You do not need to do anything else.

2. Lean back and relax

Various health parameters are measured. The state of health is calculated and analysed in real time.

3. Information and deviations

Always see how your relative is doing. Detect deviations in real time with a simple overview.

“Staying at home and in familiar surroundings when getting older.” – a wish of all people.

Relatives, friends and acquaintances then have the unsolvable task of ensuring their safety.

With the Smart Seat Cushion, the state of health can be viewed at any time and thus it is possible to react in good time to changes and critical situations.

No complicated devices need to be used for this, just a simple seat cushion.

The Worlds First Smart Seat Cushion

The Visseiro system consists of a universal seat cushion that measures various vital parameters (heart rate, breathing amplitude, movements, …) and stores the data in a webapp, which can be viewed at any time. In addition to data acquisition, the evaluation of this data is the key. This provides you with reliable vital data and the evaluation of this data is completely automated and individualised for each person powered by artificial intelligence.

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