Always know, how your Loved Ones are feeling

With the newly developed Visseiro seat cushion, you now have much more insights into the overall and long term health of your patients or loved ones.


"You only need to sit down."

Implicite Measurement

Always be sure to have someone is caring for your loved ones, without causing any stress


Cloud Data

The recorded vital data is securely encrypted and uploaded to the German Visseiro Cloud, where intelligent algorithms analyse and evaluate health

Security at one Glance

The smartphone app shows the health of your loved ones and offers to send data to your personal doctor



Vital data is recorded objectively and give trustworthy information to the health of your loved ones

3 Reasons for a smart seat cushion

No Compromises in Comfort and Ergonomy

Always on, no need for any switch

Newest Security Standards for your Health and Data

Become a Visseiro Test-User!

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